4Ft Smart Led Profile

4Ft Smart Led Profile

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4Feet Smart Led Profile. Description. Slimmest Led TubeLite .

Available in 1Feet, 2feet, 3 feet and 4Feet. 
Led Colours available - Cw ,Nw, Ww, Red ,Blue,Green. 
Customised sizes available on request. 
Height 7mm Only. 
No external Smps or Driver required. Surface mounted.

Technical Specifications. 
  • Wattage - 24w.
  • Lumens - 120-130Lumens Per watt.
  • Lm80Certified Leds.
  • Led Life - 50,000 Burning Hours.
  • Surge protection - 2.5Kv.
  • Warranty - 2Years.

Applications : Interior Cove Lighting, Wardrobes, cupboard Shelves, Slimmest machineries, Modular Furnitures, Modular Kitchens, Residences, Commercial Offices, Malls and Any Places where their is Probelm of Spaxe for installing Lighting options this is rhe best product to be used. Major Target clients. Arcitects, Interior Designers ,Elextrical.contractors, Bulilders &Developers and End Users Who Require Most efficient and Less Space Using Led lights.